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Starting your own limousine business can be profitable, adventurous & exciting.  You see chauffeurs driving limousines, and you wonder how much they get paid, what the tips are like, and what the exact job duties are.

Ahh, the limo industry....  One of the most overlooked opportunities in the economy today. What better way to earn a living than driving a limo or operating a limousine business.  You'll earn up to 80k a year to start, half will be base service costs, the rest tips.  You'll drive around celebrities, corporate executives, and if you're good, you'll be given large tips and invited to parties.  Your job is to not only provide good limo service, but have fun at the same time at parties "if invited".  Most clients want to feel comfortable with their drivers, and to just break the ice.

The misconception is that you are always stuck driving & waiting for clients, but most of the time, you're offered to go with them and have fun.   While, yes, there will be less exciting assignments, there will be plenty more exciting ones.

Our guide shows you how to position yourself to be able to find clients that like to have fun and party.

But, on a more serious note, as an owner/operator of a limousine company, you will be called to drop off, pick up and drive around clients in a leisurely setting.  This glamorous, yet demanding job comes with many perks, including excellent base pay, tips, recognition, and due to new laws & programs, you or your company will be eligible for a plethora of city, state & federal programs, loans & benefits that you can pass on to your family & FRIENDS.  Some of which include FREE OR DEEP DISCOUNTED HEALTHCARE PROGRAMS for you & your drivers, government loan programs & transportation industry startup grants that you never have to pay back.  That's right!!!  The government will to help you start your own business with the goal to boost the economy and create jobs.

We show you all about it within our guide.  YOU WON'T FIND THIS INFORMATION ANYWHERE BUT HERE!!!

Our guide is designed to educate you, from A-Z, what steps you need to take to start your own independently operated or commercial multi-staff limousine company, whether you live in the U.S. or any other country as our turn-key program can be applied to any economy.

The fact is, starting your own limousine business is fairly simple, from registering with the city & state, purchasing or leasing the vehicles, advertising & networking through other limo companies, you will find everything you need to start your own turn-key limousine company with little-to-no money through business start-up grants, and no credit check loans & lease programs.

If you know of anybody in the limousine business, some will say that it was easy to get started, and others may say they had a difficult time.  It's like anything you do in life.  The difference between success and failure is knowledge.

Sure, there are general business schools that you can attend, seminars, magazines, books, software & audio programs, and of course the "trial and error method", however, if you have been involved with any of them, you will know that they are often complicated to understand and implement into the real world.

As a group of successful limousine business owners & partners with a combined experience of over 80 years in the business, we have come together to reveal our streamline, time-tested methods to success in the industry. 

You see, we learned the old fashioned way through trial & error, but it was very difficult, yet beneficial, because there are a lot of new techniques we wouldn't have developed if it weren't for our series of failures and successes over the years.

Today, some of us are retired, and some are sticking around as the pay can reach up to $250,000 year, half from tips alone as clients out on the town for a night or at special events tend to give tips to drivers.  As illustrated in our guide, as you establish yourself in your area, you will build up a name & industry reputation for yourself.

If you provide good, professional limousine services, it is common for you to see repeat business from select loyal clients.   The true key to it all is establishing a personal, light relationship and making them feel at home in the luxury vehicle that they rented.  Whether it be for airport drop-off's, pick-up's, weddings, events, or just for fun, if you provide a personable, but professional level of service with every customer, they will be back.

We have now combined all of our knowledge together and created a powerful, easy-to-understand, A-Z limousine business startup guide with the meat and potatoes of information you need to know.

Our guide takes you by the hand, step-by-step providing you with the knowledge, industry resources and tools necessary to start your own limousine company without the headaches or uncertainty.  Rest assured, you will be in good hands following our Internationally renown, proven & industry tested guide.


The earnings & growth potential is incredible!!!  If you follow a proven program, and use the growth techniques listed in the guide, you will slowly, but steadily grow your client list through monthly, quarterly & yearly contracts with airports, businesses & organizations.  Recognition and communication are the most important aspects in this business, and we show you exactly how to apply them to maximize your overall revenue, whether you are planning on operating an one-person, owner/operator limo company, or a commercial multi-staffed limousine business.

Results will of course vary with our guide, due to individual efforts and  personal dedication, but typically, you can expect to earn up to $100k a year "net" as an owner operator within the first two years, and up to $500k running your own 3-5 vehicle fleet.  Keep in mind, that you don't have to drive.  You may simply run & manage a limousine business, and source them to your drivers.  You'll basically be the order-taker, and dispatch them over the radio or cell phones.

If you know how to position yourself above and beyond your local competitors, you will continuously grab residual, revenue generating accounts that will add to your revolving bottom line and push your salary through the roof.

There really is no limit to how much money you can earn.  The more aggressive and dedicated your are, the more money you'll make.  And, as far as operating costs go, there are very little once you get going.

We have compiled a list of the most secretive, non-publicized methods to acquiring the newest limousines, one-by-one, either through purchase or lease programs, and a "copyright-protected" list of the most effective FREE & LOW COST ADVERTISING methods that you can employ to secure new clients without incurring enormous advertising costs.

We always recommend starting with one-limo, and then adding more vehicles as you grow.  Remember, you do not want to rush this.  If you do it right,  you will be able make six-figures a year and if you grow your fleet & keep your operating costs low, you could very well be earning several hundred thousand dollars through multiple limousine service contracts.  "WE SHOW YOU WHO YOU NEED TO CALL AND WHAT TO SAY" to snap up the contracts before your competition does.

In addition, what happens a lot of times is that occasionally you or one of our driver's will service a client "maybe an executive or president of a company" who will refer you or your driver to their human resource departments to provide service for the company.





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